Welcome to the Ciguatera Fish Poisoning observatory. This map is for information only. By clicking on the selected dots on the map, you will find information on toxic fishes (which caused a Ciguatera Fish Poisoning case), the date and location they were caught, as well as the number of reported ciguatera cases. Information appearing on the map are based on the Ciguatera surveillance network of French Polynesia as well as the participation of internet users willing to share information with the rest of the community. To display the map in full screen mode, please click on “permalink” on the top right corner of the map.  For now, the map only applies to French Polynesia. However, we are planning to widen it to other areas in the world. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you also want to take part in the ciguatera monitoring by declaring either a toxic fish/ toxic fishing area, or a case of ciguatera fish poisoning, please click here . Caution: Unmarked area on the map does not necessarily mean that it is free from ciguatera, it simply indicates that no toxic fish report has been registered at this place.