Toxic species in French Polynesia
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    Each year, hundreds of thousands individuals are affected by Ciguatera Poisoning (CP).

This food borne illness, which mainly concerns tropical and inter-tropical regions of the Pacific, Caribbean and Indian Oceans, tends to spread worldwide.

If the clinical manifestations of the poisoning, related to the consumption of toxic fish or marine invertebrates, generally last for a few weeks, it can turn into a real struggle of several years for some people.

In many ways, Ciguatera poisoning remains a scientific and medical enigma.

   This website provides a wide range of information on CP, latest news about CP research, downloadable documents and offers the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions to our scientific team. is also providing a new  generation of epidemiological surveillance tool that healthcare professionals and private individuals can use to report one or multiple CP events, and an interactive map containing information on the species responsible for Ciguatera events reported to the CP Surveillance Network of French Polynesia.


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